Las fibras del LUX  son de un color marrón amarillento muy natural, lo que proporciona a este césped artifial un aspecto cálido de finales de verano. Sus fibras (42 mm) se encuentran juntas unas con otras con lo que se consigue un aspecto visual muy fresco.
The fibres of the LUX  are of a yellowish brown colour very natural, what provides to this lawn artifial a warm appearance of finals of summer. His fibres (42 mm) find together ones with others with what achieves a visual appearance very fresh.
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Royal Grass Lush Is manufactured with the innovative technology ReadY, what means that each fibre has his own direction of growth. This does it ideal for all that that want a lawn of appearance lujoso.
  • Additional profit: A fresh lawn with fibres multidireccionales and warm appearance.
  • Council of installation: To increase his stability, endow of sand of silica the surface of the lawn. Use aprox. 10 kg by installed square metre.
  • Degree of use: Under intensive, Half intensive, Very intensive
  • Aplicacion: Balcony / terrace, Hotel, Garden, Yard of re-create, green Ceilings - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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