Enjoy of a garden in my terrace…..

El césped artificial para áticos, es la solución definitiva para nuestra terraza. En muchas ocasiones, es la parte olvidada por las empresas de construcción a la hora de apostar por materiales de calidad dentro de nuestro hogar, estos apuestan por suelos o terrazos básicos, realizan pendientes exageradas para el desagüe de las lluvias que afean la estética de nuestra vivienda, todo esto lleva a que le demos menos uso a una parte tan importante de nuestro hogar.
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The artificial lawn for attics, is the definite solution for our terrace. In a lot of occasions, is the part forgotten by the companies of construction to the hour to bet by materials of quality inside our home, these bet by soils or basic terrazzos, make slopes exaggerated for the drain of the rains that disfigure the aesthetics of our house, all this spends to that we give him less use to a so important part of our home.
The sleep to have a garden in your floor is not so difficult to fulfil, in  only a day will be able to give a complete twist to your terrace, installing artificial lawn. Contemplate from the interior of your house, the greenness of the lawn of the terrace contributes amplitude, freshness and comfort to your balcony or terrace.

Once that we take the decision to install artificial lawn, can arise us some doubts on drainage, cleansing or maintenance that will try to resolve in few words.

The artificial lawn in the first place does not affect to the drainage that have in the terrace before his installation, since by means of his system of holes of drainage the water discurre underneath of the lawn to end in the sumideros that have, always advise to leave some windows in shape of Or where coincide the sumidero, to allow his access for possible desatascos.

On the other hand for his cleansing advises , if the space is not very big, made with a simple aspiradora or small rake. Also we can clean rests of lunch with neutral soaps or cleaners of artificial lawn, the water also is advisable as long as they are not hard waters or aclalinas that can leave incrustaciones of cal in his fibres.

By ultimo his maintenance is very simple, to part of the cleansing mentioned, recommends brush with broom type barrendero  to contrapelo in all the surface, putting special incapié  in the zones of a lot of step or in the inferior part of tables, that is to say in the zones that but suffers by the  pisoteo,  to minimise the difference of verticality of his fibres with the rest of the installation.
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