Installation of artificial lawn

Instalación de cesped artificial en Baix Llobregat y Barcelona
The process of installation begins evaluating his garden or terrace and taking the timely measures to make an estimate adjusted to his measure.
Once approved the estimate recesses the terrain (if it was necessary) and fill with stone hammered for a better drainage or bién stir the vegetal layer if the terrain already is optimo for the installation.

To continuation extend the rolls of lawn, ajustandolos to the brinks of the terrain and recortando trees and details paisagísticos

All the courts and joints prepare for his back paste with a special joint call geotextil and a tail antihumedad that will dissemble qualquier union.

The last step is to fill the base of the lawn with sand of silica and brush and level with one schemes special motorised that at the same time raises the peel creating a feeling in sight and to the identical touch to the ones of the artificial lawn.

Upper layer of filler: (optional). Can add a layer of filler already was of cocopet or in geofill re-creating like this the fund of natural lawn. Only it is necessary to brush it once addition. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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