DECO 30 es un cesped artificial de 30 mm de altura de pelo que combina cuatro colores, dos tonos de verde, un tono marrón y otro beige que le dan gran realismo y que cuenta con hilo principal de polietileno en forma cóncava con nervio central marca Ten Cate Grass de gran suavidad y recuperación de la pisada,
DECO 30 is a cesped artificial of 30 mm of height of peel that it combines four colours, two tones of green, a brown tone and another beige that give him big realism and that has main thread of polyethylene in shape concave with central nerve mark Have Cate Grass of big softness and recovery of the stepped,
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This model is valid for any use, already was merely decorative and paisajístico or of use more intensive in events, hospitality industry, childish zones, swimming pools, particular gardens, etc. of use more intensive.
  • Caracteristicas Of the thread: “Concave & Spine”
  • DTEX: 9.000 dtex.
  • Galga: 5/16 “
  • No of stitchs: 16.380 stitchs/m2 (+/- 10%)
  • No threads: 14 threads/stitch
  • Permeability: > 500 mm/h
  • Longitude of roll: 20 m (another measure of long low request)
  • Width of the roll: 2 m (4m low request)
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